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My interest in giving Human Resource Services come from my belief that we have the right combination of relevant HR needs.

You run the business and my business will help you increase productivity by taking over the tasks that you will delegate like: Virtually assisting you for People Sourcing, Employee Handbook Preparation, Hiring and Training Guides, and visiting Job Board for job posting.

Objective: We both run the business with your clients. You run the workforce I help you run the business for your people strength.


I’m Ma Cecilia Samson Joaquin. I’ve been in Human Resource Staffing for more than 10 years now.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Recruitment is my area of expertise. My valuable experience working in HR makes we well suited in Sourcing people and employment. I have experience in liaising with candidates to employers. Coordinating all throughout the hiring process is my current role. My further duties included vetting and reviewing company procedures and managing employee records and ensuring that they are updated.

From my experience working in HR, I have developed exceptionally good communication skills verbal and written, as well as excellent in decision-making and consulting skills. I am personable and organized with a genuine interest in human resource which makes me an ideal for your online business that needs to cover your people staffing strength.

I believe you have the awesome business and have services that everyone in the world needs which includes growing talents that you need. You have the best culture to handle your employees to stay in the business.

Sounds like something you need or your company’s need? Do you have time to message me? I can start to produce your needs whatever it takes. Need to pass for now? Keep in mind; it will be great to hear from you when you’re ready.

That’s all. I appreciate your time to get to know me.

For questions, comments or feedback, feel free to contact me @ ceciliasjoaquin@gmail.com

All the best!

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Cecilia S Joaquin